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Product Stewardship


End of Life (EOL) Disposal of Fuji Xerox printers

On 8 November 2011, the Federal Government’s Product Stewardship (Televisions and Computers) Regulations came into effect.


This means that many companies in the television and computer industries, including printers, who import or manufacture more than set thresholds, are defined as “liable parties” by the Regulations.  Such liable parties must either become an approved Arrangement, or join an approved Arrangement; approval is through the Regulator’s office.

An Arrangement is required at a national level, to make provision for collection services based upon demographic criteria, to accept EOL equipment from consumers and small business and dispose of these items in an environmentally responsible manner.

These collection and recycling services are provided to consumers and small business at no charge to these entities.

The financial year 2012/2013 is the commencement year in which liable parties, through their respective Arrangement, must achieve a collections and recycling target as defined in the regulations. The costs of administering the programme and related activities of collections, storage, handling, transport and recycling, are borne by the Arrangements and these are funded by relevant industry members.

Consumers/Small Businesses

EOL equipment being dropped off at collection locations or services by consumers or small business may be restricted to a limited number of units at any one time. These services are not intended for recycling EOL equipment sourced from medium to large enterprises.

Medium to Large Business and Government Bodies

A liable party may be a member of an Arrangement, and may also provide its own EOL programmes, mainly aimed at business-to-business (B2B) environments and providing recycling services for medium to large businesses and government bodies. Costs for these relationship services would be negotiated between the parties.

From 1 July 2012, Arrangements’ collection services will be rolled out progressively during the year as these services are set up to meet the Regulation’s demographic requirements. For example, a service may be run in conjunction with local councils’ collection days, or a permanent location might be a better option.  Information about these services will be provided by Arrangements during the course of the year through various media.

What does this mean for Fuji Xerox?

Individual customers and small businesses can deposit their unwanted EOL printers at a designated collection location, or at a collection event, as these services become available.